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Greenland is a massive island and autonomous Danish territory between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Much of its land surface is covered in ice.

Explore outdoor and nature activities, cultural experiences, hunting and fishing activities, coastal sailings and cruises in Greenland.

Green mountains with beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs, crystal clear skies, and clean air are just a small part of what you can experience.

Let’s take a look at the top things to do in Greenland

Greenland Kayaking
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The kayak is a cultural link between the earliest immigrants in Greenland, the common everyday experience by local kayakers and the modern rugged adventure expeditions.

The kayak is a transportation and hunting tool that originated in the Arctic region and then spread east towards Greenland.

It provides a truly authentic experience, great views and a fun outdoor activity.

Arctic Circle Trail
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Arctic Circle Trail

Let the wilderness seeker and nature lover inside you find happiness in this stretch of fresh air and wide landscape. of fresh air will energize you.

If you are looking to spend some days in completely untouched wilderness, then this invigorating experience tops the list in the things to do in Greenland in summer.

This hiking trail which is about 160 km long connects the Kangerlussuaq settlement with the village of Sisimiut. It takes about 8 to 10 days to cover the entire route and you get to cross through narrow valleys, tundra, pass over low lying hills and walk along large lakes. This will be one of the greatest hiking experience you’ll have with spending the night under the stars in a tent.

Ice fjord of Ilulissat
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Ilulissat Ice-fjord

Greenland’s most visited area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. You can experience an amazing berg-strewn view of the coast in Disko Bay, where icebergs break off from the glaciers and float out into the coastal waters.

The place is accessible by planes, helicopters and ferries and the best way is to plan a combination of all three.

Don’t forget to check the collection of Greenland landscapes in the Emanuel A Petersen Art Museum in Ilulissat.

Whale Watching
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Whale Watching

Experience an up-close encounter with whales is a top thing to do for visitors in Greenland. June and July are usually the best months for cruising among icebergs and whale watching along the breathtaking coastline.

Most tours depart from Qeqertarsuaq, Nuuk, and Aasiaat and are offered by operators like Disko Line and Greenland Adventures. You can experience encounters with humpback, minke, and fin whales, but occasionally also blue whales, killer whales, narwhals, beluga whales, sperm whales, and pilot whales.

Whether this is your first or tenth whale watching tour, seeing such a magnificent creature can be always overwhelming.

Cold Water Diving
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Cold Water Diving

Water temperatures in Greenland usually range from 30 to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, so reliable cold-water equipment and a good drysuit are essential to dive here.

Here you can experience the most amazing underwater dive under the guidance of PADI OWA certified divers. You get to see lumpsuckers, catfish, sea cucumbers and a jungle of seaweed and of course different species of whales! You can see an iceberg from up close and explore the shipwrecks.

Exploring Greenland
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Exploring by Boat and Ferries

You can take a short afternoon cruise among the icebergs to a glacier or a multi-day cruise to see more of Greenland’s wonders. Boats are necessary to get into the bays and fjords and look at most parts of Greenland. Most of these icebergs are visible only from the sea. Boats are such an important part of Greenland’s life for the locals or for tourists for sea excursions.

In addition to the icebergs and glaciers, you may see waterfalls and wildlife.

Sarfaq Ittuk operates ferries that are the local transport, so unlike the cruises, these ferries give you a chance to meet with Greenlanders.

Dog Sledding
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Dog Sledding

Tourists can go snowmobiling or skiing in Greenland, experience the old tradition of traveling – dog sledding. This is one of the many activities you can enjoy during the colder months and braving off the extreme weather conditions.

Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason. Sled dogs have a special abilities and know where ice is too thin in an area and avoid it.

Uunartoq Hot Springs

Uunartoq island is located in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland. Here you’ll the only hot springs in Greenland that are warm enough to bathe in. Water temperatures is between 37C-38C (98F and 100F) degrees all year long. The island lies halfway between Qaqortoq and Nanortalik and you can get there by boat from any of those two villages.

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Skiing Adventure
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Skiing Adventure

Ski touring in Greenland is an active backcountry experience dominated by silence, grandeur, and first runs from peak to beach. All over Greenland in the snow-covered mountains, you can go for skiing trips.

The best and most accessible ski touring locations in Greenland are in Maniitsoq – especially around the Eternity Fjord and the Apussuit Glacier – closely followed by backcountry areas in Sisimiut, Nuuk, and Tasiilaq.

This is a unique experience, where you travel from the tip of the icecap to the coast your own legs, ski gear, and a good guide. This is a clear winner in the things to do in Greenland in winter.

Northern Lights
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Northern Lights

Greenland is one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights.

From early autumn the night sky is regularly illuminated by the northern lights’ green glow. This natural phenomenon always causes excitement and wonder to people who have never seen it before. You can see it anywhere in Greenland when the sky is dark and clear.

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