6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Travel


To motivate yourself to take a vacation is easier compare to the part where you have to spend a lot of work to sit down, check everyone’s schedules, plan an exciting itinerary, and finally to make the final move!

Needs, motives, and motivations are the engines of human conduct and they play a fundamental part in the mechanics of tourism. The motivation exists when a person is capable of creating an impulse that leads to a need. The reason for wanting to travel is an inner motive and it is related to the question of why.

travel locally to motivate yourself

Research places to go

You can constantly research destinations online, reading news from overseas, looking up flights. Social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube can be a great source of inspiration for finding destinations that can motivate you to start travel. Not only will you get increasingly excited about new destinations, but you will also learn more about the world.

Take an hour or two each week to research places that you and your family might be interested in going.

Travel locally

Traveling to the nearest country or state may not be an option right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. You can explore destinations that are closer to your home and you don’t really know much about places om your own town or nearby cities. You can start by traveling to a place within 50-70 miles from your home or walk around town.

Learn a language

Learning a new language can be a great way to motivate you to practice your new skill and travel to the country where this language is spoken?
You should always be familiar with some polite phrases when visiting a foreign destination. Nothing compares with the feeling you get when you speak to locals.
Learning basic words and phrases like how to say Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank you is easy to do before your trip and is respectful.

travel motivation

Surround yourself with positive people

Stay in contact with people who keep you focused on your goals, and try to minimize the influence of those who expect you to fall off

Talk to other travelers

One of the best ways to get really excited about a travel destination or trip is to actually talk to people who have already been there.

This way you can also learn some tips and save you the time of figuring it out on your own.

And most of the time we have negative thoughts about traveling which could be easily transformed into positive thinking about traveling. Following people on Twitter or Instagram and asking questions about the places they’ve been it will serve as a useful insight to the different places you visit.

Read travel blogs

Read travel blogs, watch travel videos, follow travelers and their journeys will help get you inspired! Also reading travel books, listening to travel podcasts can get you excited about traveling. If you spend a few minutes a day doing some travel-related reading instead of wasting time on facebook or reading negative news pretty soon you will feel that travel desire is coming back very soon.

Give yourself a break

You are constantly working hard, taking care of yourself, and giving to the people around you. It’s time to give back to yourself. And the gift of travel is the perfect way to do that.

To travel may not be the easiest, cheapest, most convenient gift you can give yourself. But it is the best and it can be lifechanging.

Once you motivated yourself and have a place in mind, then its time to save up money for transportation, accommodation and activities while there.

Want to learn more about other sustainable destinations or tips? Check out section sustainable travel.

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