Saba – the Caribbean Island You’ve Never Heard Of


Saba is an unspoiled relaxing island in the Dutch Antilles located just 12 minutes flight away from Dutch/French St. Maarten/St. Martin. You can get to St. Maarten via direct flights from Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas, and Toronto.

Saba is the northernmost island of the volcanic inner arc of the Lesser Antilles and was formed about 500,000 years ago, making her relatively young compared to other islands in this region. There is still a lot of geothermal activity.

The volcano Mount Scenery, which at 887 meters (2,910 ft) is the highest point within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
This friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline island, at around 5 square miles, is home to the Saba Marine Park, scuba divers, and snorkelers can see large coral formations, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. The lovers of hiking can enjoy breathtaking views!

There are a variety of shops and markets on the island, as well as a post office, police station and library. You can buy local Caribbean art at The Peanut Gallery, The Little Green Shop Saba or El Momo, or get your diving gear and sportswear at Sea Saba Dive Center. Visits the Harry L. Johnson Museum, which is a 160-year old sea captain’s cottage. You have the opportunity to see hot glass art, jewelry, and beads being made.

Saba dutch island
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Even there are no franchises on the island, you still have plenty of choice for accommodation local hotels, lodges, villas and cottages that will satisfy your travel needs. One of the great places to stay on Saba is the Queen’s Garden Resort. It is a truly unique place with antique furnishings and artwork, and exotic furniture from the West Indies. It has the largest swimming pool on the island, a fine breakfast lunch & dinner restaurant, panoramic views of the turquoise blue Caribbean, and nearby mountains.

Another great thing about this island is that there are no mosquitoes.
This island is perfect for a serene and intimate getaway!

Saba is also known as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean”, with less than 2,000 residents and no crime, no high rises, neither traffic nor traffic lights, no pesty insects, no crowds, no fast-food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships. You can enjoy a true life experience with the local residents in some of the local eclectic bars and restaurants after a hike in the mountain rainforest.

Hikers on the island can ascend to Mount Scenery, the island’s highest point, or take a more extreme North Coast hike that passes by old town ruins and culminates in ocean vistas.

The capital Bottom, St. Johns, Windwardside, and Zions Hill are the four villages of Saba.

Saba Diving
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The island’s flora and vegetation are lush, with tropical rain forests where one can find orchids, mahoganies, palms, as well as mango, orange, and many other fruit trees. Saba is a paradise for the scuba enthusiast. This island’s beauty extends below the waterline into an exciting marine environment rich in corals and active with fish life.

Saba Divers is an award-winning dive center with its main priority on non-crowded, safe and fun dives. They organize all you need on the beautiful island.

There are not so many islands in the Caribbean that offer such rich biodiverse as Saba for its size, with its three ecosystems (rainforest, cloud forest, and coral reef) and seven vegetation zones.

Check this video from John Coffey about why Saba is a paradise above all others!

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