Why Visit Lanzarote?


Lanzarote is one of Spain’s most beautiful island destinations. It is one of the oldest of the Canary Islands, administered by Spain, that has it all and it offers beautiful beaches, a cool surf scene and excellent places to stay. Located just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, the island is the result of volcanic activity that started over 20 million years ago. Populated for at least 2000 years, according to recent archaeological discoveries, Lanzarote was originally inhabited by Berbers, a people from North Africa. It is a popular tourist destination and even has it’s own international airport

The local inhabitants know the importance of the environment and its preservation. Lanzaroteños are highly environment-oriented people and their efforts to protect the island’s natural assets and being conscious become an integrated part of the lives of the people there. Their established sustainability practices will allow future generations to enjoy the same Lanzarote they live in today.

It is said that Lanzarote is the most volcanic-looking of the Canary Islands. Its landscape is covered in craters, canyons, and valleys of solidified lava.

Lanzarote is not a standard sun and sea destination. It’s an island where the essence of the island leaves a mark on your soul long after you depart. It’s called the Lanzarote Effect.
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Its landscapes and structure made it a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.

There are beaches with black or golden sand, you can enjoy almost any time of the year, offering over 300 days of sunshine a year. Places with great ecological value such as Timanfaya National Park, where you can see a huge variety of volcanic formations or the Chinijo Archipelago Nature Reserve, where you’ll find many species of marine birds.

The Lanzarote Effect from Lea et Nicolas Features on Vimeo.

Fantastic water sports and beautiful beaches make a perfect fly-and-flop holiday choice of visit.


Lanzarote beaches

One of the characteristics of the Canary Islands is the iconic black sand beaches and lava rock outcrops. You can find extraordinary lunar-style seascapes beaches in Lanzarote.
You can enjoy many beautiful beaches, including Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, Playa del Charco de los Clicos, Playa del Reducto and those are just a few.

Most of the best beaches in Lanzarote offer a local café, bar or restaurant.

The island’s west coast is wilder and rockier – great for surfers. The best beach hotels in Lanzarote tend to be on the eastern and southern coasts. Here you’ll find long stretches of pale-white or sunshine-gold sand.

Fantastic Surf Spots

Surf Spots
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The island is known as the Hawaii of Europe. The surf, swell, weather and location are almost identical, and even the waves are similar. It can get big, powerful waves firing off its reefs throughout October to March, but is consistent enough throughout the rest of the year. Good waves can be found throughout the year, no matter when you visit.

World Class Diving

diving in Lanzarote
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Lanzarote has many fabulous diving sites for you to enjoy. The best dive site on Lanzarote may be at Playa Blanca. Playa Chica is full of marine life from shoals of bream glistening in the sunshine, the ornate wrasse and damselfish, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and jacks.
If you love the adventure of a drift, wall, wreck or boat dive then there is plenty on offer for you to choose from. If you are interested learning more about the diving options, you can check here.

Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park
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Timanfaya National Park is a Spanish national park in the southwestern part of the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands. It covers parts of the municipalities Tinajo and Yaiza. This is the only national park in the Spanish network that is of an eminently geological nature since it is the result of the volcanic eruptions.
The absence of vegetation, the extreme ruggedness of the terrain, the variety of colours, the silhouettes of the volcanoes and the jagged coastline – all these make Timanfaya extraordinarily beautiful.

The best of Lanzarote in beautiful video

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