9 Reasons You Should Visit Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is getting more popular and fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations. The city has plenty to offer and in this post, we’ll share with you what are some of the main reasons you should consider visiting Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is one of the top greenest cities in Europe and in the world and successfully working towards its ambitious plan to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Here is our list of 10 reasons to visit liveable and wonderful Copenhagen!

One of the world’s safest cities

Copenhagen one of the safest citiesDenmark has been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. Copenhagen is one of the cleanest cities.

Based on the newly-published 2019 Safe Cities Index, Copenhagen is among the safest cities in the world to live in, ranked number eighth.

Despite the size and popularity of Denmark’s capital city, it maintains an impressively low rate of criminal activity. The country as a whole consistently ranks among the least corrupt countries in the world, with crime rates continuing to drop.

There are highways for bikes

Copenhagen bike friendly one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Not even bad weather will stop the Copenhageners from biking!

The city has entire parts of the road dedicated to safe cycling. Biking is a great way to explore Copenhagen and it’s also pretty cheap to rent bikes.

Copenhagen, along with Amsterdam are one of those cities where bikes outnumber cars. There are plenty of bike racks and most people don’t even lock them up. Fewer cars lead to less pollution and less traffic and a more pleasant way to experience the city.

One of the world happiest nations

world happiest nations

The urban population of Copenhagen is just a little bit over 1.2 million

Several times the coutry has been voted as the world’s happiest nation. People are often described as happy and easy-going people with a good sense of humor. Another important fact is that in Denmark, education and health care is free for everyone.

One of the cleanest cities in the world

clean and green city Copenhagen is leading in recycling, renewable energy, and smart city solutions. Most of Copenhagen buses run on electric instead of diesel and Copenhagen has a large number of green areas and you’re never more than a few minutes away from the nearest park. Copenhagen is one of the top sustainable and liveable cities.

Outstanding Design

Outstanding Design The Danish do things really well and differently especially with design.
Denmark is world-famous for its simple and functional design and architecture. Some of the most notable are the Opera, the Designmuseum Denmark and don’t forget to shop for Danish designat some of the local stores.

Deliscious food

Deliscious foodIf you have a chance to visit Copenhagen who should definitely try one of the Danish classics open-faced sandwich: “smørrebrød”. Copenhagen offers many food options from small, bistros to trendy cafés and Michelin-starred restaurants.
If you prefer fine dining, Noma has been awarded World’s Best Restaurant by the British Restaurant magazine four years in a row out of the past six. Take a bite of culinary Copenhagen and the Nordic region, when food festival Copenhagen Cooking hits the city – one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe.

Music Festival

Music Festival Thousands of people across the city enjoying great music, cold beer, and the Copenhagen summer make this a once in a lifetime experience for festival lovers.

Oldest observatory in Europe

In the city, you’ll find the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The tower was built during King Christian IV to enable astronomers from the University of Copenhagen to gaze at the stars.

Kid friendly

LEGO One of the things that you probably didn’t know: Denmark most famous export – LEGO. You can visit the factory where it is made you’ll find a large LEGO shop.
Copenhagen is a great city to visit with kids. Here you’ll find the world’s two oldest amusement parks, the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen and Dyrehavsbakken – north of the city.

The accessibility

Copenhagen infrastructureCopenhagen has one of Europe’s most efficient infrastructures where everything is within a short distance. The public transportation is efficient and the city offers a variety of public transportations, through either bus, train, metro and rentable city bikes. Denmark offers the most reliable electric grid in Europe.

The reasons to visit Copenhagen this summer are countless. These are just a few of them.

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